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Melli Mechanical / 11/7 Birmingham Ave. Villawood NSW 2163 / Tel: 02 9728 4177 / Mobile: 0423 044 047
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support 10,380 points
All Mechanical Repairs
-Pink Slips
-Blue Slips
-LPG Inspections
-Oil & Fuel services
-Mechanical repairs for pertrol/diesel cars
-Disc Machining
-Auto Transmissions
-Auto Electrics
-Fuel Injection
-Fault diagnostics by latest information and devices
-Air conditioning services & repairs
-Starter Motors
-Charging Sytem & Altenators
-Lights & wiring System
-Rear camera
-CD player
-Audio System
-Tyres & Wheels
-Indicator Service
-Cooling System
-Replace engines
-Replace gearbox
-Wiring for sound systems
-Log book services
-Timing belts
-Engine Flushing
-Second Hand Tyres & Fitting

We fix every car and any car!

Is your car broken down and can't be driven? We will get you a tow truck at the cheapest possible rates.

Sit in the office and watch Tv while your car is being fixed to perfection!
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Oct 28, 2014
support 10,380 points

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Oct 28, 2014