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WN Bull Funerals / 164 King Street Suburb, NEWTOWN, NSW 2042 / Tel: 02-95195344 / - Ostoralia
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WN Bull Funerals / 164 King Street Suburb, NEWTOWN, NSW 2042 / Tel: 02-95195344 /
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WN Bull Funerals is a Sydney funeral home with a reputation for providing funeral services with dignity, discretion and integrity.
WN Bull serves every suburb in Sydney from their three locations at Newtown, North Sydney and Parramatta and has done so for generations.
Last year, WN Bull Funerals celebrated their 120 Year Anniversary and is proud to continue their long tradition of being Leaders in Personal Service by assisting families with meaningful and personalised funerals.
WN Bull Funerals was established in King Street, Newtown in December 1892 by William Nugent and Mary Bull, whose emphasis was to provide care for the whole community.
As the WN Bull’s reputation grew and their business activities and social life intertwined, WN Bull Funerals became a part of the Sydney scene and a highly respected and well patronised business.
In 1986, John and Agnes Harris took over WN Bull and put their stamp on the business by taking the traditions they valued from the past and reinvigorating them with their own. Their sense of responsibility to families and their distinctive service helped them cement WN Bull Funerals as the leading family run funeral business in Sydney.
Today, WN Bull remains committed to its original dedication of assisting its client families in a meaningful and personalised funeral experience.

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Nov 5, 2014