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Persian Rose Restaurant / Level 1/1380 Pacific HWY Turramurra, NSW 2074 (Corner of Kissing Point Rd) / Phone: 02 8958 6378 / Mobile: 0425 776 361 / Email: persianroserestaurant@gmail.com / www.persianroserestaurant.com
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Persian Rose is a family business with more than ten years of experience in catering, take away, and eat in Persian foods. We have always aspired for high-quality food made of the healthiest and the most natural ingredients. We are passionate about serving freshly plated Persian cuisine.

With this aspiration for high-quality we have combined out deep and detailed knowledge of traditional Persian catering.

Persian Rose creates value by its experienced people, exceptional location, and providing desirable and on time serving. We have long and trusting relationships with customers; we consider your feed backs in all steps of our everyday plan, and that’s the Persian Rose distinction. When you choose Persian Rose, it’s not just once transaction, it’s the beginning of a partnership which will provide you and your family with many long lasting memories. We do our best to keep up with current taste trends.

 Our aim, in short, is this. We want to share with you the valuable experience of the real taste of Persian traditional cuisine.


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Nov 5, 2014